[2/27/17] Meet Hamu- Douglas County Sheriff’s Office K9

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Dogs have been used by law enforcement agencies for more than 100 years.

1899 is when police first started formally training dogs for police work – but the use of dogs in law enforcement really took hold in the 1970’s.

Now, dogs are considered part of the police force and in many departments, they even have their own badges.

It’s no different in Douglas County, where Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal says they currently have one dog in service…

022317 DCSO K9 Unit 1 :42 “…how the k9 works.”

In a perfect world, Sheriff Gjesdal says, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office would have one more K9, but, he admits, there is a lot that goes into adding each dog…

022317 DCSO K9 Unit 2 :36 “…out as much as possible.”

Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has four dogs in their K9 Program: a search and rescue dog, Spur, two patrol dogs; Reno and Axel and a narcotics dog, Ruben.

Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office has three Patrol K9’s: Havoc, Basco and Gunner.