[4/1/22] Mayor Goedde On The Bridge

Posted in Community, Transportation

More on the Old Chelan Bridge, which was the subject of a poll on our KOZI Facebook page Tuesday, asking whether the bridge should go back to being a two-way design. Most said yes, there were a number of nos, but there were a variety of other responses, including keeping it one-way, but reversing it so the traffic goes out of town instead of into town. Another response was turn it into a pedestrian and bicycle only bridge. So there is a lot of opinions, but most seem unhappy with the way the bridge is now. Mayor Bob Goedde campaigned on changing the bridge back to the way it was. And he won. He was on KOZI yesterday (Wed) in his regular Wednesday visit, and went through a bit of his history with the bridge, and where things stand now:

By the way, you can still comment on our poll, more than 300 have already; it’s on our Facebook page.