[10/13/16] Mayor Casts Tie Breaker Vote To Approve Comprehensive Map Amendment

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10 months into the job, Chelan Mayor, Mike Cooney, cast his first vote as Mayor at a council meeting earlier this week.

In a strong Mayor form of government, such as the City of Chelan’s, the Mayor does not have a vote at council meetings, unless there is a tie.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, following a public hearing on the subject- the council was considering an amendment to their Comprehensive Plan Map.

Mayor Cooney says the proposed amendment affected just one parcel in the City of Chelan- and if approved, it would allow the current homeowner to rent out his house as a vacation rental….

101316 Mayor Vote :42 “…fits in that area.”

Council member Guy Harper was not at Tuesday night’s council meeting- leaving 6 council members to make the decision. Three voted yes, Three voted no to the Map Amendment. That left Mayor Cooney with the responsibility for casting the deciding vote.

He voted yes.

Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment -approved.