[8/26/21] Mapping Broadband Service

Posted in Public Utility

You probably have figured out by now that broadband access is essential for modern life. But not everyone has access to broadband service. And according to Kevin McKee, the Chelan County PUD’s program manager for fiber and telecom, the Federal Communications Commission’s mapping of broadband service isn’t doing the job:

Now the PUD is trying to to expand broadband access, and get grant money to pay for it. So McKee is asking you to go to a website and help the State Broadband Office create an accurate map that shows where the gaps in broadband service are:

. . . And if you don’t have broadband?

McKee says the PUD has installed fiber in about 75 percent of the county, but the more rural areas of the county are the most isolated

McKee adds the PUD is expanding fiber in the Dry Lakes area of Manson, and plans are to expand the South Lakeshore out to 25 Mile.

Again, that website to go to and map your broadband access is tinyurl.com/waspeedtest. If you don’t have broadband, send an email to fiber@chelanpud.org, or call 661-4533.