[5/9/17] Manson’s Intern Program Proving To Be Beneficial To Students

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Manson School District Officials recently heard from students on the value of the Internship Program.

Manson Superintendent, Matt Charlton says the program was launched in 2014 and is a graduation requirement…

050817 Manson Intern Program 1 :13 “…a role within the school.”

At the last Manson School Board Meeting, Charlton says, students who had recently been involved in internships, shared with the board their experiences…

050817 Manson Intern Program 2 :43 “…but hopefully beyond.”

And, with three years under their belt, it’s no surprise that the district is now also hearing about the benefits of the Manson High School Internship Program from those who have graduated…

050817 Manson Intern Program 3 :38 “…the internship program.”

Do you have an internship opportunity you’d like to share with the students of Manson High School? Call Manson School District’s Internship Program Coordinator, Addie Velasco at 687-9585.