[12/5/17] Manson’s Buzz On Biz Competition Is Teaching Students About Entrepreneurship

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The latest competition between fledgling entrepreneurs from Manson Schools produced several interesting business plans…

120417 Buzz On Biz 1 :15 “…begin and operate a business.”

That’s Manson School Superintendent, Matt Charlton..

120417 Buzz on Biz 2 :28 “…the winners were announced.”

Charlton said competition was fierce, but eventually, three student teams were selected as winners…

120417 Buzz on Biz 3 :47 “…was really quite detailed.”

School Superintendent Matt Charlton says Manson students put maximum effort into these projects under the tutelage of Dan Hodge…

120417 Buzz on Biz 4 :16 “…creating some future entrepreneurs.”

The first place, Divine Donuts team was made up of Parker Schoenwald, Brayan Cesar and Teresa Venegas

Second Place was Connor Torgeson, Brenda Alonso and Blake Cochran

Third Place was Jose Vazquez, Nadia Tejada and Evelyn De Jesus.