[6/2/17] Manson Will Lose Recycling Bins This Month Due To Garbage Dumping Issues

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Chelan County Public Works announced yesterday that when the month of June ends, so will the recycling bins in Manson.

Jill FitzSimmons, Public Information Officer for Chelan County Public Works, told KOZI that on June 30, the Manson recycling drop-off site will be closed permanently…

060217 Manson Recycling Bins 1 :31 “…illegal dumping stops”

The City of Chelan, under an agreement with Chelan County, was servicing the bins and agreed that the service is no longer sustainable.

FitzSimmons said, after June 30th, citizens will still have a couple of options for their recyclables…

060217 Manson Recycling Bins 2 :14 “…recycling center also.”

Chelan County Public Works says Zippy Disposal Services, a local business that provides waste disposal services to the unincorporated areas of the Chelan Valley, is currently working on developing a curbside recycling program for both Manson area commercial and residential customers in 2018.