[5/3/22] Manson And Chelan County Work Toward Solutions

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A couple of weeks ago, folks in Manson and the Community Council there sounded off about Chelan County and the lack of attention they feel they’re getting on things like road work, garbage pickup and downtown beautification. Well, on Monday folks from the county were on KOZI giving their side of the story. Public Works Director and County Engineer Eric Pierson said the county is not set up like a city, and therefore doesn’t provide a lot of the same services:

Manson Community Council Member Kathy Blum asked Commissioner Tiffany Gering yesterday about garbage pickup in downtown Manson, feeling it’s a county issue and that some of the tax money Manson residents and businesses pay the county should be used in Manson. Commissioner Gering had an answer:

But there could be some movement on one issue: the trees in Downtown Manson, which have been around for 40 years, and a prime source of complaints. Some time ago there was talk in Manson of a so-called “Midnight Tree Massacre,” and talk at the last Community Council meeting touched on whether to ask the county what to do about the trees, and if there was no response, to just go ahead and take them out. Pierson said tree removal could happen:

And Commissioner Gering said the county wants to hear from residents about problems and what’s going on in their area: