[12/6/18] Manson School Board To Consider Levy Resolutions

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The Manson School Board holds a special meeting Monday. On the agenda is the consideration of two resolutions to place items on the February ballot. Those items need to be approved to meet a county filing deadline of December 14th. Manson Superintendent Matt Charlton says they’re both replacement items:

Charlton says the new levy rate will actually be a reduction from what was collected in the past:

Charlton says the levy is being called a “Education Programs and Operations” levy at the direction of the state. He explains the state feels they are taking care of maintenance, though Charlton begs to disagree with that. So it’s just a difference in wording. The second resolution also is a replacement levy:

Charlton says one reason for the reduced assessments is that homeowners will be paying more to the state in property taxes due to the McCleary ruling.

The Manson School Board Special Meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday December 10 at the Manson District Office.