[12/28/21] Manson Power Outages

Posted in Public Utility

People in Manson were kept hopping Sunday afternoon by a series of brief power outages. And we mean brief – like lasting two or three seconds, which is just enough to throw some things out of whack, like clocks and computers. Here’s the PUD’s Rachel Hansen:

The piece of equipment in question is called an “electronic recloser.” If our information is correct, it’s a class of switchgear designed for use on overhead electricity distribution networks to detect and interrupt momentary faults.

It’s too bad that new outage notification system we talked about here last week wasn’t in operation so people in Manson would have known what was happening; by the way, Hansen said that system, which is in trial mode right now, is expected to be rolled out in March.

But if you’re wondering if the cold weather played some part in the outages, Hansen says the answer is “no:”