[9/1/16] Manson Parks Signs Up For LED Retrofit Program Through PUD

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Manson Parks & Recreation District is taking advantage of a program through Chelan County PUD that offers rebates to retrofit lights with lower energy LED lights.

Manson Parks Director, Wai Petersen, says the project started with an electrical issue with their parking lot lights at their boat launch…

090116 Manson Parks LED 1 :18 “…LED retro program.”

The program, Petersen says, will allow the district to replace their current lighting system with LED lighting, which could provide the district with as much as 86 percent energy savings…

090116 Manson Parks LED 2 :58 “…time to install.”

The Manson Parks & Recreation Board will likely award the project contract at their next meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, September 8th at 4pm. That meeting takes place at the Manson Parks & Recreation meeting room at 142 Pedoi Street in Manson.