[4/27/18] Manson Parks Department Is Eyeing Ernie’s Gas Station As Part Of Their Waterfront Revitalization Project

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The Manson Parks Board held a special meeting on Friday to formalize their grant application to help fund property acquisition.

As part of the Manson Bay Waterfront Revitalization Project, Parks Commissioners have had their eye on Ernie’s, the now defunct gas station at the corner of Manson Boulevard and Pedoi Street in downtown Manson.

They have been in cue with the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office seeking a $420, 000 grant to help purchase the property.

The total project cost is $840,000 evenly split between the $420,000 RCO grant and $420,000 in matching funds.

A local community group has been assisting the district to fundraise those matching dollars.

By acquiring the property, the Parks District will secure much needed additional waterfront park space in an area that is currently not providing an adequate level of service.

The District’s Comprehensive Plan has identified this project as a priority.