[3/17/17] Manson Middle School Honored For High Numbers In College Bound Program

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Manson Middle School was recently honored with a Gold Star Award for their efforts in having students enroll in the state’s College Bound Scholarship Program.

Manson Superintendent, Matt Charlton, says Manson carried an initial sign up rate of roughly 87% for the class of 2020…

031717 Manson Gold Star :47 “…students to do so.”

The College Bound Scholarship was established by the Legislature in 2007. The purpose is to provide state funded financial aid to low income students who may not consider college a possibility because of the cost.

Eligibility for the scholarship is a two part process. First, students whose families are income-eligible must submit a complete application during grade 7 or 8, and no later than June 30 of their eighth grade year. Second, students must complete the scholarship pledge requirements and meet income-eligibility guidelines as determined by colleges.

The scholarship covers tuition (at comparable public colleges), some fees, and a small book allowance.

Since the program’s inception, over 247,000 students have applied.