[2/28/17] Manson Fire Uses Donated Structure For Live Fire Training

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The Manson Fire Department battled a structure fire yesterday- as part of a planned live fire training.

You may have noticed the smoke just above Rocky Point last night from about 5:30 pm- until nearly 9pm as crews spent time learning fire tactics that included a single room attack, adjoining room attack and attic fire attack.

Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker says the planned safe and controlled “real life” training is necessary to prepare firefighters for the many hazards of the job…

022817 Manson Fire Training 1 :29 “…and be very effective.”

The Manson Fire Department was donated three structures at the former Chelan Red Orchard, near the intersection of Winesap Road and Chapman Rd, above Rocky Point.

One of those structures was used in last night’s Live Fire Training- with the others planned for later this month…

022817 Manson Fire Training 2 :31 “…we get to the third one.”