[5/30/18] Manson Fire Commissioners Firm Up Policy On Use Of Aircraft In Wildfire Events

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The Board of Commissioners for Chelan County Fire District 5- Manson Volunteer Fire Department, finalized a policy at their meeting this month on use of aircraft- as we head into another wildfire season.

Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker, says the policy refers to the district ordering aircraft from the Forest Service to fight a wildfire within District 5…

052518 CCFD5 Aircraft Policy 1 :36 ‘..that’s a good policy.”

Baker explains that when a fire breaks out- one of the biggest factors in the outcome revolves around time and the initial attack…

052518 CCFD5 Aircraft Policy 2 :32 “…we’re spending money.”

Of primary concern to the district, Baker says, is the hillside up lake from Willow Point Park.