[5/23/18] Manson Fire Chief Dreams Of Future Resident Program And Training Facility

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The Manson Fire Department Board of Commissioners held their annual board workshop Tuesday at their main fire station in downtown Manson…

052118 Manson Fire Workshop 1 :16 “…would we prioritize it.”

That’s Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker.

That land purchase he mentioned? Baker said it’s a piece of property that hasn’t actually been put up for sale. Yet….

052118 Manson Fire Workshop 2 :10 “…a cost of anything.”

The property, Baker says, has the potential to serve two important purposes…

052118 Manson Fire Workshop 3 :39 “…see on the property.”

Baker says he would also like the Commissioners to ponder the idea of adding a training facility as they consider the possibility of the property purchase…

052118 Manson Fire Workshop 4 :34 “…points by doing that.”