[9/6/16] Manson Fire Awarded $131 Thousand Grant Funding

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Department of Homeland Security Announces

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Award to Chelan County Fire District 5

To replace Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

(Manson) On August 26th 2016 – Department of Homeland Security has announced today the twelfth round of awards to the 2015 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program to fire departments throughout the United States.

Chelan County Fire District 5 of Manson was awarded $131,745 for an application they submitted on January 15, 2016. The proposal in the application is to replace all SCBA. SCBA equipment is used to supply firefighters with breathable air during an active fire. The District’s current SCBA equipment has served the District well for over 13 years but many of the air cylinders in the system are nearing the end of the legal use life of 15 years. SCBA equipment is one of the most important pieces of Personal Protection Equipment firefighters don before entering an atmosphere that is immediately dangerous to life and health. The goal of obtaining this grant project was to immediately improve the health and safety of our firefighters. The award is 95% of the expected $138,332 projected cost. Local commitment for the remaining $6,587 will be provided by Fire District 5.

Chelan County Fire District 5 Chief, Arnold Baker has worked with the Firefighters of Fire District 5 to evaluate 4 major brands of SCBA. The firefighters scored each SCBA in 14 features to benefit Firefighting work operations. The awarded grant will allow the District to purchase the latest SCBA technology available which will assist our firefighters in providing superior service to our community.

The Assistance to Firefighters grants represent a major effort by the federal government to ensure the nation’s firefighters continue to have the basic capability they require to do their jobs, improve safety and save lives.

This grant award for SCBA comes after an award in the 2013 AFG cycle for $251,836 to replace an aged water tender. The new water tender (T-52) was received and placed in service in the fall 2015.