[11/7/16] Manson Cross Country Has Strong Showing At State

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XC State Summary

Our Mason Trojans XC Boys traveled to Sun Willows Golf Course in Pasco to participate in the 1B/2B competition on Saturday, Nov 5th. Weather and course was ideal and so was the competition. These runners are the best in Washington state. With 155 runners, our Trojan runners once again performed The tempo of the race was quick and everyone was set to out run their rivals.

Heriberto started well within the top 20 keeping pace with the front runners. 1st mile was 5:43 with the tempo quickening. Conner and Jose followed as 1st time state competitors. Maintaining their place throughout the 5K race all 3 Trojans finished strong in the last downhill 400 meters. Heriberto ending his race finishing 16th. Connor and Jose finishing 64th and 124th prospectively.