[2/21/22] Manson Council Tackles Downtown Parking

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

Parking in Downtown Manson. It’s a problem. And what to do about it was a topic at Tuesday night’s Manson Community Council meeting. Council Secretary John Frolker:

Frolker says not having enough day to day parking is a potential turn-off for visitors to Manson:

Leffler Field, which is now owned by the Manson Parks and Recreation Department and the Manson School District, was mentioned as a solution, it’s already occasionally used as parking for some events. But Manson Parks Director Robin Pittman told the council there’s one obstacle in the way of using it for day-to-day parking, and that’s money:

The idea of a shuttle from somewhere to downtown was also brought up, but there were questions of who would run it and who would insure it. No solutions were reached Tuesday night, you can expect the topic to come up again at a future meeting.