[8/12/16] Man Records Himself Being Uncooperative With Law Enforcement Then Posts It

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Photo from Aspen’s public Facebook Page


An East Wenatchee man who recorded his own arrest last weekend, is gaining notoriety after posting that video online…


Eventually the uncooperative driver, identified as 23 year old Michael Aspen was forcefully removed from his vehicle, after a Chelan County Sheriff Deputy shot Aspen with a taser.

The 12 minute video recorded by aspen captured much of the incident.

After Aspen’s girlfriend posted that video online– Chelan County Sheriff’s office decided to do the same.

Sheriff, Brian Burnett explains why…


This was not Apsen’s first run-in with the law. His adult arrest record is 2-pages long– dating back to 2000.


After being tased, subdued and arrested, law enforcement found a machete strapped to Apsen’s belt.


If you would like to watch the entire video: