[5/30/18] Local Wildlife Officials Say: Know How To Protect Yourself And Livestock Against Predators

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There have been several recent cougar attacks from North Bend to the Upper Valley. The best way to prevent these attacks is to know how to protect yourself and your livestock.

A cougar or bobcat attack was likely in the death of two small lambs in Peshastin. A Peshastin resident living along Peshastin Creek, near the Big Y Cafe made the discovery of the two lambs on May 19th, but delayed in reporting the kills to the Department of Fish and Wildlife for a couple of days. 

Sgt. Dan Klump with the Regional Dept of Fish and Wildlife said that delay prevented a search or setting of a live trap for the cougar or bobcat and that at this time, they are not able to identify the animal responsible for the kills…

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Two sheep were killed by a cougar five days earlier in Olalla Canyon. Klump said the cougar associated with the Ollala Canyon kill was a 110 pound male that was euthanized. In light of the recent lethal cougar attack on two mountain bikers near North Bend, Sgt. Klump reminds residents to be aware that hungry cats will prey on small livestock and pets or in some cases people…

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If you do encounter a cougar while recreating in the foothills or on your property, you’ll want to report the sighting to the WDFW ASAP.