[3/15/22] Link Transit Hearing On Route Changes

Posted in Transportation

You’ll have your last opportunity to tell Link Transit what you think about its proposed route changes this afternoon during the Link Transit Board of Directors monthly meeting. Link has been taking comments on the proposed system changes since they were brought forth more than a month ago, Link’s Communications Manager Erik West says they’ve gotten a lot of response:

West says the new routes proposed for the Chelan area have received a lot of support, but they were among the routes they’ve tweaked:

And as for the proposed route between Waterville and Chelan, that’s been scrapped entirely:

West says they’ll be keeping the Route 20, which travels the Douglas County side of the Columbia River between Olds Station and Chelan – and is Link’s least ridden route:

The Link Board Meeting gets underway at 3 p.m. at Link’s Columbia Station Headquarters in Wenatchee; you can participate in person, or via a conference telephone, you can also watch the meeting on Facebook. The proposed changes, if approved, will go into effect this July.