[3/9/17] Legislatures Still Grappling With How To Pay For Basic Education

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As the legislature moves into the second half of the 105-day session, the two main questions facing lawmakers continue to be: 1) what to do about basic education; and 2) how to pay for it. 12th District State Representative Mike Steele says House Republicans hope to find some sort of middle ground between proposals by Senate Republicans and House Democrats:

030717 XGR – Education 1 1:08 Q:”we can support”

Steele’s 12th District colleague, Representative Cary Condotta, said debate on the House floor last week on education seemed to center on the democrat’s proposal, which includes spending, but no way of paying for it:

030717 XGR – Education 2 :28 Q:”getting some traction”

Both Steele and Condotta fear that progress on coming to a solution with education might not come until the very end of the 105-day session – if even then.