[3/14/22] Legislature Post-Mortem

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The second session of the 68th Washington State Legislature adjourned sine die late Thursday, and afterward your 12th District representatives sounded disappointed at what happened in this short 60-day session. Although Representative Mike Steele was happy about the supplemental budget that was passed:

But other than that, Steele and Representative Keith Goehner sounded frustrated, upset that there was no tax relief for Washingtonians despite a huge revenue surplus, discouraged that there was no input from Republicans on the Democrat’s transportation budget, and worried about what the future might hold. Representative Goehner:

Representative Steele says the legislature didn’t sock enough away for the future:

Not to mention that this is an election year, both Steele and Goehner say they’ll be making trips to the West side to meet people in the new 12th District that includes part of King and Snohomish counties, whose issues seem to be completely different from what we’re facing here.