[2/1/18] Legislative Update And The Hirst Fix

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Today is day 25 of what is supposed to be a 60-day legislative session.

In the so-called “short session,” Legislatures generally don’t make a lot of big changes – and instead focus on fine tuning the two year budget adopted the year before.

This year was a little different because Legislatures failed to adopt a 2018 Capital Budget during the 2017 Legislative Session.

Republican Legislatures held the capital budget hostage last year, withholding passage until a ‘Hirst Fix’ could be negotiated.

In October 2016, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that counties planning under the growth management act, must make their own determination of available water, before issuing a building permit.

The Hirst Decision put the brakes on many developments in rural eastern Washington.

Legislatures were able to come to an agreement on a Hirst Fix and pass the capital budget in January.

We asked Chelan County Commissioner, Doug England, how the Hirst Fix affects Chelan County…


Tomorrow morning at 7:45 we will have a chance to talk with the 12th district legislatures: Representative Mike Steele, Representative Cary Condotta and Senator Brad Hawkins.

They’ll join us via telephone Friday morning at 7:45- tune it