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Legends of the Lake

Legends of the Lake

Growth and change in our community is built upon years of experiences by those who came before us. To completely understand the history of this special region, KOZI Radio has launched a series called Legends of the Lake. 


Legends of the Lake was drawn from a priceless collection of digital audio from one of the founding fathers of KOZI Radio, Jerry Isenhart. We have edited these into a weekly series.These segments highlight some of the poignant moments in our history that affected Chelan and Manson. The treacherous fires that ravaged our shores, the saga of Mt. St. Helen's eruption and how people here endured the aftermath. Plus, stories from multi-generation residents that detail stories from our precious community and how they came to live here. 


Our stories are episodic and will be featured on KOZI FM Saturdays following 2nd Cup of Coffee at 11am and Sundays at 9am. Listen and learn! 


Thank you to our Sponsor Blueberry Hills! 

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