[10/4/18] LCCH Vision

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Some six weeks ago, the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Board held a retreat, one of the objects being to develop a vision for the future, ten to fifteen years out. Those in attendance tried to look at the different elements of health care and determine where they were headed. After the retreat, the board then whittteled it all into their vision. Hospital Interim CEO Steve Patoni:

Patoni admits they’re setting the bar rather high for themselves:

Patoni alludes to the new hospital that is in the planning stages. But how can a vision like that be achieved when the pieces that make up health care always seem to be changing? Hospital Board Chair Mary Signorelli says the vision can be achieved regardeless, being done incrementally:

Next up is completing the financing for the new hospital, they’re in the final stages in the USDA loan application for more than 22-million dollars, and expecting the final awards letter as early as next week.