[5/21/21] Latest COVID Numbers

Posted in Health

The latest numbers from the Chelan-Douglas Health District put the two-county COVID rate for the last two weeks as of Monday at 94 per hundred thousand population.  That’s down from just over 100 last week.  On Tuesday, the health district reported 13 new COVID cases in Chelan County, and none in Douglas County.  49 new cases were reported in the seven days ending May 18th, 38 of them in Chelan County.  Five Chelan County residents are hospitalized, two Douglas County residents are in the hospital. 

Vaccination numbers: as of Wednesday, Those having their first vaccination make up 49 percent of Chelan County residents, under 42 percent of Douglas County residents.  Fully vaccinated: more than 42 percent in Chelan County, almost 36 percent in Douglas County.

In Okanogan County, the case rate stands at 229 per hundred thousand for the two weeks ending Wednesday; that’s up from 204 cases per hundred thousand last week, with 15 new cases reported for Wednesday.  We have no new vaccination numbers from Okanogan County Public Health.