[10/15/21] Latest COVID Numbers

Posted in Health

The latest COVID case numbers for Chelan and Douglas Counties are up slightly. The Chelan-Douglas Health District put the two-week incidence rate as of Monday at 702 per hundred thousand residents, that’s up from 689 last week. 867 new cases were reported between September 29th and October 12th, 610 in Chelan County, 257 in Douglas. Also, the Health District reports one more death, an unvaccinated male in his 50s from Douglas County. Vaccination rates are improving slowly, now 65 percent of Chelan County residents have had one dose, with 59 percent fully vaccinated; 58 and 53 percent in Douglas County.

In Okanogan County, the two-week incidence rate has taken a big drop, from 1,027 last week to 846 per hundred thousand residents as of yesterday. 365 new cases have been reported in Okanogan County in the past two weeks. The vaccine tracker puts the county’s vaccination rate at 67 percent with one dose, and almost 62 percent fully vaccinated. Yesterday (Thu), Okanogan County Public Health reported ten COVID-related deaths in the past two weeks, bringing the total number to 63. One male in his 30s, one male and three females in their 60s, one male in his 70s, two males and one female in their 80s, and one female in her 90s. Eight of those ten were unvaccinated.