[12/7/21] Latest COVID Case Numbers

Posted in Health

Looks like the latest COVID numbers has taken a huge drop in Chelan and Douglas Counties, anyway that’s the takeaway from the Chelan-Douglas Health District. The latest case count is at 317 new cases per hundred thousand residents, that’s a drop from 532 on November 22nd. As for vaccinations, those numbers are virtually unchanged, with 67 percent having had one shot, and almost 62 percent fully vaccinated; in Douglas County, those numbers are at 60 and 56 percent respectively.

In Okanogan County, the case rate has dropped to 213 per hundred thousand, that down from 366 last week. Five new cases were reported last Thursday – two in Riverside, one each in Tonasket, Twisp and Winthrop. As for vaccination rates, now more than 70 percent have had one jab, that number at 70 and one-quarter percent, those with both jabs are at more than 64 percent.