[9/23/16] Landowner Drops Out Of PUD’s Northshore Substation Search

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

Chelan County PUD is back to the drawing board, so to speak, after learning that a potential substation site on the northshore of Lake Chelan was removed from the list of options.

Teka Sellers, Customer Relations Administrator for Chelan County PUD, says that just 1 day before presenting two site possibilities to the PUD Board of Commissioners, one owner withdrew- and now, they need more options…

092316 Northshore Substation 1 1:04 “…chelan and manson.”

At this point, Sellers admits, it’s hard to tell just how big of a bump in the road this will be…

092316 Northshore Substation 2 :44 “…proposed steps forward.”

Now, Sellers says, they are turning their focus to the community- and asking for help in finding a substation site on the northshore…

092316 Northshore Substation 3 :53 “…have a willing seller.”

That email address is teka.sellers@chelanpud.org.