[3/29/22] Lakeview Drive-In Gearing Up For 66th Year

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There’s not much activity going on right now at the Lakeview Drive In, but just wait ’til Monday – that’s when the landmark eatery will open for the season, celebrating 65 years in the Chelan Valley. Owner Amy Mack was a guest on Monday’s “2nd Cup of Coffee” program on KOZI, and please forgive us if this seems like a commercial, for all of us here are fans of the Lakeview, and we were both born in 1957, so KOZI shares a birth year with the Lakeview. And it’s one of a kind – you won’t find another Lakeview Drive In like it anywhere else. Mack’s family has owned the drive in for 38 years, and Jeff Conwell asked Amy about the big news about the menu this year:

Although there are a couple of items missing this year from the menu board on the side of the building, but Mack said you can still get the Salad Dog and the Flurry, you just have to ask for them because they are specialty items that take a bit of time to put together. All the toppings are the same, their seasoning salt and their fry sauce, available nowhere else, as are their fresh beef patties:

Mack is also pleased with her crew, and said she’s looking for more:

And it is a crew that is paid well for its work:

Applications for employment are available at the Lakeview Drive In, as well as on their website at lakeviewdrivein.com. And when they open, their hours at first will be 11 am to 7 pm, and opening day for their 66th year is Monday, April 4th.