[4/20/19] Lakeside Surf Opening Delayed

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As anticipation builds for the opening of the new Lakeside Surf water park,  part of Slidewaters Water Park in Chelan, the owners announce a delay as construction challenges have stalled progress from time to time.

Spokeperson Robert Bordner explains:

The wave technology was created by Citywave in Germany who are embarking on their first and largest project ever in North America with Slidewaters owners & cousins, Burk & Robert Bordner.

The project once completed will create interest and draw people from all over the northwest, USA and beyond.

Future plans at Lakeside Surf also include a pickleball courts, expansive pier, private cabanas, a two-story bar, pizzaria, surf shop and sports courts.

Slidewaters water park was established in 1983, the Bordeners  have owned it since 2008.  Jeff Conwell….KOZI Radio.