[12/21/21] Lake Chelan Health Foundation Campaign

Posted in Health

The Lake Chelan Health Foundation is in the middle of its campaign to raise two million dollars to be used towards equipment or construction needs for the new hospital. Board member Phyllis Gleasman says they’re looking at some expensive equipment:

Foundation Board President Mike Steele says they’re close to the two million dollar goal, and added the foundation will match 300 thousand dollars in community contributions dollar for dollar to reach that goal a little quicker. He said there are many ways to contribute, either by cash, check, or even stock:

Steele says you can also go to the Lake Chelan Health website and give with your credit card, he says you can use them for miles ’cause you want all the points you can get. He reminds you that all contributions are tax deductible. To donate, a link is available at the foundation’s website, lchealthwellness-dot-com.