[5/2/18] Lake Chelan Community Hospital Board Looks To Fill Vacant Seat

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The sudden and unexpected death of longtime community member and Lake Chelan Community Hospital Commissioner, Tom Warren, left a void for many in the valley…

050218 LCCH Commissioner 1 :10 “…and fill that position.”

That’s Hospital Commissioner, Phyllis Gleasman. She said that the board is now charged with filling the empty seat and they are asking for letters if interest…

050218 LCCH Commissioner 2 :34 “…vacated commissioners position.”

The remaining four commissioners include Phyllis Gleasman, Fred Miller, Mary Murphy and Mary Signorelli.

Gleasman said the board is looking for someone to step into the position, aware of the upcoming challenges with building a new hospital…

050218 LCCH Commissioner 3 :57 “…which ends in 2021.”

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Commissioners for Lake Chelan Community Hospital, you are encouraged to submit a letter of interest to the hospital Human Resources Department. Dee Barnett, Director of LCCH Human Resources, PO Box 908, Chelan, WA- 682-3453.

The deadline to submit your letter of interest is Tuesday, May 8th.