[7/14/21] Lady Cat Back In Service, Renamed

Posted in Business & Economy, Recreation, Transportation

We got this word from the Lake Chelan Boat Company:

“After sitting idle for 15 years, the new owners of the Lake Chelan Boat Company dusted the Lady Cat off and started running her again in 2020.  This provided them with vital and technical information as to why she stopped running in the first place, and what was now needed to keep her running.

“It turns out the Lady Cat was originally designed to have a foil assist!  This is a wing that is mounted to the bottom of the hull to reduce drag, increase fuel economy and payload. So, that is exactly what the new owners did.

“The Lake Chelan Boat Company officially welcomes the new and improved, and renamed boat in their fleet, the Lady Liberty!  She is sporting a stainless-steel hydrofoil wing.  Now the ride is smoother for passengers, steerage has significantly improved, can maintain high speeds with any load, and the fuel economy has increased over 25%.

“The Lady Liberty runs daily, is only a 70 minute ride to Stehekin, and provides longer layovers options.  Now folks have time to take a Stehekin Valley Adventure Tour, horseback ride, fly fish, bike, and hike all day in Stehekin.”