[8/13/19] Jury Duty Scam Alert

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The Chelan County Clerk’s office is warning county residents of a scam involving jury duty. Scammers are calling people claiming to be from the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office or Chelan County Clerk or Jury Administrator’s Office advising you that you failed to report for Jury Duty, there is a warrant for your arrest and a $2,000 fine, and that the only way to avoid jail time is to pay the $2000 fine through Western Union. The Chelan County Clerk’s office is advising people not to make a payment of any type, do not release any personal information or purchase any prepaid cash cards. And should the scammers leave a message requesting immediate contact, do not call them back, call RiverCom Dispatch or the Chelan County Clerk’s Office directly at 667-6383.