[10/17/18] Judge’s Race is Missing a Candidate

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When you receive your ballot for the November 6th General Election in the mailbox late this week, you will notice the Robert McSeveney’s name in the race for Chelan County Superior Court Judge. The only problem is, he’s not running anymore, since he is resigning his position on the bench on the 24th to take a position on the U.S. Immigration Court in Seattle. Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore says McSeveney’s withdrawl came too late to reflect it on the ballots:

So what’s a voter to do? There will be two names on the ballot for that Superior Court seat, McSeveney’s and his opponent, Wenatchee lawyer Travis Brandt. And since McSeveney’s name is still on the ballot, it is possible, Moore says, that he could win that seat, although he will not serve:

So should McSeveney actually win on November 6th, the only way Brandt could get the seat on the bench would be if Governor Jay Inslee appointed him to it.