[8/23/16] Jockeying between drivers and bikers

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The early harvest has brought problems for drivers moving crops on Boyd Road, the winding path that leads from Echo Valley down to Highway 150. Chelan County Commissioner Doug England says the jockeying between drivers and bikers is becoming worrisome, and the County is hoping to do something about it:

England says the signs are temporary because if they were left up year round, the chances are they would be ignored. Although bikers are a problem, England says the County’s hands are tied by state rules that don’t give counties the authority to restrict bike traffic on county roads. But England says the signs are temporary, with a more permanent solution – no pun intended – down the road:

In the meantime, England is advising bikers and pedestrians to, in the words of the old military slogan, “keep your head on a swivel” – in other words, be aware.