[12/19/16] It’s Too Early To Go Out On Ice On Local Lakes

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Here’s a safety reminder for you –

Walking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and skating, are dangerous past times when you don’t know how to tell if ice is thick enough to with stand weight.

There are ways to assist in judging the potential safety of ice- such as observing its color, testing its thickness and being aware of external factors, such as temperature, local conditions and local knowledge.

However no sport on ice is ever without risk. If in doubt- do not go onto the ice. It never pays to be too early or too late in the season.

Next month will mark 15-years since two young Manson boys fell through the ice on Roses Lake. 10-year old Tim McCabe and 11-year Jason Bachelor, apparently went to the lake after school to throw rocks onto the surface before venturing onto the ice.

They fell in about 20 yards from shore. Nearly 200 volunteers, firefighters and deputies searched for the boys before recovering their bodies the following day. It was a tragic ending, never to be forgotten.

Here are a few more precautions when near or on ice:

Be adequately dressed in full cold weather attire.

Wear some form of flotation device- even a boating life jacket will work.

Never go without a buddy or two.

Tell others where you and your buddy will be and when you expect to return home.

It’s always a good idea when recreating during winter months to have a spare set of warm dry clothes- to help reduce the risk of hypothermia should you become wet.

Other useful supplies:

Emergency blanket, hand and foot warmers, candles and matches.

Despite our recent frigidly cold temperatures, it is way too early to venture onto Roses, Wapato or Dry Lakes- the danger level is extremely HIGH.