[6/6/17] It’s Spring- Which Means It’s Also Snake Season In North Central Washington

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With temperatures on the rise throughout North Central Washington, many of the region’s resident reptiles, primarily snakes, are awakening from hibernation and becoming more active. This increases your likelihood of having an encounter with one, either in a car or on foot.

Central Washington University biology student, Adrian Slade, says there are a variety reasons why many of the area’s snakes might be sharing your time to commute…

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Snakes are common to area trail systems during the warmer months as well, creating a greater chance for an even closer encounter between your strides and their slithering. But according to Hillary Swirlich, of the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, there’s an instrument which makes it easy to gage if you’re too near to a snake, and it’s already attached to your own hands…

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There are five prevalent varieties of snake within North Central Washington; the garter snake, racer, rubber boa, bull snake and the rattlesnake. Of the five, only the rattlesnake is venomous and therefore dangerous.

However, Swirlich says it’s important to remember how important all snakes are to the ecosystem, and if you leave them alone they will leave you alone…

060617 Snakes In NCW 2 :15 “…and other predators”

For more information about snakes in the state, go to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s website and click on the “Living With Wildlife” link, found at wdfw.wa.gov.