[10/28/16] It’s Just A Drill!! Manson School District Will Hold Emergency Drill Today

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Although they aren’t sharing many details on the scenario, Manson School District Officials are set to put on a District-Wide Emergency Drill today, and want the community to know that lights and sirens, and the presence of emergency vehicles at the school today is just a drill.

Manson Superintendent, Matt Charlton, says the school participates in an emergency drill every school year…

102716 Manson Emergency Drill 1 :48 “…be conducting that drill.”

And, although he wouldn’t give away any hints on what today’s drill will entail, Charlton did share with us some of the scenarios from years past…

102716 Manson Emergency Drill 2 :45 “…learn from our drills.”

Charlton adds that it’s not just the School District that plans and benefits from the emergency drills…

102716 Manson Emergency Drills 3 :30 “…to use in reality.”

Again, the Manson School District Emergency Drill will take place tomorrow sometime during the school day- if you hear sirens, see lights and emergency vehicles heading that way- it is just a drill.