[8/7/17] It May Be Time To Start Thinking Back To School, And Immunizations

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You may not want to hear this, but fall is just around the corner, and that means back to school.

The first day of school for Chelan students will be Tuesday, August 29th.

Brewster students start school the following day, Wednesday, August 30th.

Manson students get a little reprieve- school for them will start after Labor Day– on Tuesday, September 5th.

Before heading backed to school, the Washington State Department of Health is urging parents and guardians of school aged children to make sure your kid’s immunizations are up to date.

Last year, 85 % of Washington State kindergartners were immunized completely– the goal for this year is 95%.

Immunizations aren’t just for kindergartners but for kids of all ages up through 12th grade and are as essential as paper, pencils and notebooks….

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That’s Danielle Koenig (CO-NIG). She’s the Health Promotion Supervisor with the Washington State Department of Health…

080717 Immunizations 2 :11 “…those exclusions occur.”

Koenig says by state law, no child can be turned away from getting a recommended vaccine from their regular health care provider because they cannot pay…

080717 Immunizations 3 :13 “…not able to afford it.”

If you’re not sure about your child’s immunization records or have questions about how to find that information, it’s easier than you think — just a key stroke away….

080717 Immunizations 4 :25 “…and print their certificate.”

Again, that website: wa.myir.net.

If you need help finding a healthcare provider for immunizations, you can do that online as well: aaa.parenthelp123.org