[8/30/21] Input Wanted On Douglas County Prohibition On Large Solar And Wind Farms

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Last year, the Douglas County Commission became aware of interest by outside entities in putting large-scale solar and wind energy facilities in unincorporated areas of the County. Douglas County Commissioner Marc Straub:

Straub says typically international corporations purchase thousands of acres of land for those solar and wind farms. Last month, the Commission put in place interim control measures, which amends the current code language related to the permitting and siting of those facilities, and is done in advance of any public opportunity to weigh in. But the county is required to start the public process on that within 60 days, and that deadline is coming up:

That workshop is set for Wednesday September 8th at 5:30 at the Public Services Building on 19th Street in East Wenatchee. More information is a the county’s website, douglascountywa-dot-net.