[12/16/21] Health Officer: COVID Isn’t Going Away – Yet

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The COVID case count in Chelan and Douglas counties looks to be holding fairly steady, according to Interim Health Officer Dr. James Wallace. Although the case numbers in the two counties continue to decrease, Dr. Wallace says the Omicron variant worries him, because there’s a lot of uncertainty with it. However, he says COVID will still be around for a while:

Meanwhile, the omicron variant is spreading at an alarming rate in Washington state.  The case numbers are doubling each day.  In just three days the variant doubled in positive test size each day, from three percent to seven percent to 13 percent.  Dr. Wallace says a lot still isn’t known about omicron, but the best way to fight it right now is to get the COVID vaccine, or a booster shot:

While the doctor says COVID isn’t going away soon, it’s still too early to tell whether it will part of our long-term future; he says that depends on how the virus behaves.  If it has more mutations – and mutations that escape immunity, he says another booster shot might be in order perhaps in six months or so.