[2/1/19] Health District Prepares for Measles Cases

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As of Friday, there are no cases of measles in Chelan or Douglas Counties, according to the Chelan-Douglas Health District. But in a news release Friday, the Health District warned that unimmunized students and staff will be excluded if there are measles cases in the area. They add that the state administrative code authorizes public or private schools, child care centers, and the health officer to exclude any child or staff that does not have documentation of immunity against measles. However, there are NO students or staff currently being excluded from school or child care now.

The health district adds that once an outbreak begins, there are usually 2nd and 3rd generation cases over the following weeks, and they could appear anywhere in the state, or beyond. So, it could be several weeks before it is known how much the outbreak will affect Chelan and Douglas counties. But the health district is working with schools, child care and health care providers to get prepared should the need arise.