[8/16/17] Heading To College At WSU? There’s A Safe Driving Emphasis Planned This Weekend

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A safe driving Emphasis is in full swing this weekend – with a focus on students heading to school at Washington State University in Pullman– the earliest university in the state to begin classes this fall…

081617 WSU Drivers Patrol 1 :17 “…go through august 20th.”

That’s Washington State Patrol Trooper, Brian Moore, who says this particular patrol emphasis is an important on…

081617 WSU Drivers Patrol 2 :26 “…going to be coming over.”

Trooper Moore says speed and distracted driving are the leading causes of fatality collisions across the nation. Talking on your cell phone or texting while driving is comparable to driving under the influence…

081617 WSU Drivers Patrol 3 :22 “…back to school safely.”

A ticket for talking on your cell phone or texting while driving is $136 for the first offense and $234 for the second offense within five years.

Those driving along I-90, SR 17, SR 26, SR 260, US 195 and US 395, which are the main travel routes to Washington State University, are reminded that there will be an increase in traffic over the weekend as students head to school. Please be patient and allow extra travel time.