[2/9/22] Hawkins: Time To Fund Confluence Parkway

Posted in Politics, Transportation

12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins is hopeful that the legislature will fund the Confluence Parkway project, which would provide a third mode access in and out of Wenatchee, and build a new bridge across the Wenatchee River. 49 million dollars in federal money has been earmarked for the 134 million dollar project, which leaves about 85 million dollars unfunded. Hawkins sits on the State Senate Transportation Committee, and he says now is the time for the legislature to act, because the clock is ticking . . .

Hawkins there is the potential to put together some revenue sources for transportation projects, and says it would be a great loss if the two and a half mile roadway doesn’t get the money it needs to get built:

The proposed parkway runs along the edge of the Horan Natural Area and Confluence State Park; it’s also near the Apple Capital Loop Trail, all areas owned by the Chelan County PUD, whose commissioners reviewed the City of Wenatchee’s updated plans to build the parkway on Monday.