[3/2/22] Hawkins Reflects On Legislative Session

Posted in Politics

The legislative session in Olympia is coming down to its final week or so. How has it gone? Was it a success? 12th District Brad Hawkins says that while he feels he was able to make some modest gains on the policy bills he’s advanced, he’s disappointed with the lack of bipartisanship in the State Capitol:

As an example, Hawkins mentions the transportation budget, which he says is focused too much on projects in western Washington, with virtually no money for projects east of the Cascades. Hawkins pointed to when he was part of a Republican majority in the state senate, and looks to the November elections for a solution:

Hawkins can be heard every Tuesday during the session around 7:45 am on KOZI; 12th District State Representatives Keith Goehner and Mike Steele can be heard this Friday at 7:50 am.