[1/12/22] Hawkins On State Budgets

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins expects the current legislative session to be a fast one; it is a shorter session, lasting only two months, since the state’s two-year budgets were completed last year. But Hawkins says there may well be adjustments to those budgets this session:

The extra revenue would be welcome to the state, but Hawkins has a couple of ideas of what to do with it:

Much of the work legislators will be doing will be online for a second session, due to COVID; Hawkins says it went pretty well last year, he says it should work better this year. He also says there are plenty of opportunities for citizens to participate remotely. Hawkins says there is always the legislative hotline, at 1-800-562-6000; there is also his website, senatorbradhawkins.org.